Cromedy Construction Bags Codorus Repair Contract

USACE’s Baltimore District yesterday awarded an emergency contract in the amount of $357,846 to Cromedy Construction Corp., a small business headquartered out of Philadelphia, for work to repair the area of channel wall that collapsed along Codorus Creek on July 26.

Work will entail removal of the currently unsupported concrete slab that sits atop the masonry channel wall, as it presents an access and safety hazard for workers who will repair the wall; excavation of the soil adjacent to the wall; installation of features to allow the ground to drain to prevent further erosion; and cleaning and repair of the fallen channel wall materials.

Work is anticipated to start this week, USACE said.

The District will continue to monitor the site and anticipated precipitation, and continue to lower the reservoir level at Indian Rock Dam.

Gate operations continue at the dam to reduce the reservoir level to create more space for flood control, while also considering impacts to downstream communities. Gate operation modifications will continue as downstream conditions allow.

The dam’s flood control capacity is currently at approximately 28 percent, according to USACE.

The masonry channel wall is part of the Codorus Creek flood risk management system that is operated and maintained by USACE.

Photo: U.S. Army photo by David Gray

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