JFSE Celebrates Important Milestone

Image source: JFSE

James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) is celebrating the first anniversary of its innovative jetting system having successfully completed 12 contracts since launching the revolutionary new method.

Image source: JFSE

The high velocity jet significantly increases the soil-cutting abilities of JFSE’s excavators as the system – which utilities central jets instead of the standard side positioned jets – can facilitate the excavation of harder soils than was previously possible.

The global subsea excavation specialist, part of James Fisher & Sons plc, designed and developed the enhanced technique in response to client demand.

It was introduced a year ago and has been fitted on a number of  CFE  tools,  stationed  at  strategic  hubs  in  the  UK,  UAE,  Singapore,  Venezuela,  USA,  Brazil,  China  and Mexico.