Cape Jaffa Dredge Update: Work at Tonkin’s Knob About to Begin

Image source: Kingston District Council

Kingston District Council, South Australia, has just released the latest update on the Cape Jaffa and Maria Creek dredging scheme, saying that their dredger is now working outside of the Cape Jaffa Marina main entrance and will head northward for about 30m to 40m.

Shortly, the dredger will move back into the Marina and position itself near Tonkin’s Knob. From here, it will begin a second sweep of the main channel.

Progress has been much slower than expected due to the significant amount of material present. It is anticipated that at least a couple more weeks will be required before the Marina will be open.

The facility currently remains closed.

Maria Creek Boat Launching Facility

Excavators have started their work at the Maria Creek Recreational Boat Launching facility, according to the latest project update.

Work has begun on the southern side of the groyne removing seagrass and sand to create a buffer that will help prevent material from entering the channel. Once a suitable buffer is achieved, work will begin inside the channel.

Excavation work is expected to take many weeks to complete, the council stated.

Once excavators have done all they can, an assessment of depth within and outside the channel will be conducted to determine dredging requirements.

If dredging is required, the council’s dredger will be mobilized to Maria Creek. The facility currently remains closed.

Image source: Kingston District Council


Photo: Image source: Kingston District Council