Interview with Mark Lee: Spotlight on Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Book

It’s only a couple of weeks left till our Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference – an event that will celebrate the launch of the CEDA-IADC’s Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure publication – kicks off in Amsterdam.

In order to better introduce the event and the book to our readers, we caught up with HR Wallingford’s Mark Lee, the lead author of publication’s Chapter 8, coordinator of Chapter 7 and a member of editorial board.

The book provides a completely new perspective on dredging, it is innovative, it draws together the latest thinking and best practice… It shows that dredging projects can really provide benefits to the environment as well as meeting their functional objectives,” said Mark Lee. 

Currently Group Manager of HR Wallingford’s Dredging Group, Mark has a background in marine monitoring and surveying with a focus on dredging-related projects.

For over 20 years, he has specialized in coastal oceanographic surveys and coastal and fluvial sediment transport measurements, and worked on projects in the sectors of ports and shipping, construction, energy, oil and gas, and water.