Another Season of Fox River Dredging Ends

Another season of the Fox River Cleanup Project, now in its tenth year, was completed yesterday, November 15.

The Fox River Cleanup Group reported that dredging, capping and covering operations have concluded for 2018.

According to the Group, next to follow is demobilization of the dredges that will take place over the next couple of days.

The Group also added that as of early November, the project has accumulated more than 2,616,900 work hours without a lost time incident.

The Fox River Cleanup Project is designed to reduce risk to human health and the environment due to the presence of PCBs in the river sediment. It’s a multi-year cleanup effort that includes dredging, capping and covering over a 13-mile stretch of the Lower Fox River.

The project officially started with dredging and processing on April 28, 2009. Operations for 2018 began on March 26 and concluded in mid-November.

So far, crews working on the scheme have removed over 4.8 million cubic yards of dredged sediment.