Community Reference Groups Meet in Mackay

The community reference groups (CRGs) were held at the ports of Mackay and Hay Point as part of NQBP’s ongoing commitment to public consultation and engagement.

The CRGs are integral to connecting the ports and the community,” NQBP Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Fertin said.

I was pleased to be on hand with senior NQBP representatives to provide an update on trade through the ports and the status of key projects such as the Southern Breakwater repairs and Hay Point floating walk way,” Mr Fertin added.

We’re very pleased to have both CRGs re-vitalised and look forward to building relationships, sharing information, gaining feedback and having an active forum for discussion,” Mr Fertin said.

Over the last summer, the MGN CIVIL Pty Ltd team – supported by Caldme – were busy repairing and upgrading a number of breakwaters and revetments in both Hay Point and Mackay Harbor in the wake of TC Debbie.

During the works, the contractors placed around 50,000 tons of rock ranging from 1.0 T to over 20.0 T in size.

The CRGs bring together a range of representatives from Mackay Regional Council, local business, port industry, indigenous, community and recreational groups.

Members were provided with an update on NQBP’s strategic direction, operations, projects, environmental and community programs.


Photo: Image source: NQBP