Damen DOP450L in South Korea

Image source: Damen

Damen, a Dutch defense, shipbuilding and engineering conglomerate company, recently delivered their DOP450L to South Korea, for a major sand mining operation project.

Image source: Damen

In its announcement, Damen said that a made-to-measure new 4.000m³ barge has been fitted out with a customized boom guiding all hydraulic hoses for the pump drive, the jet water hoses for the mining head as well as the Di 450 mm flexible rubber hoses for transporting the dredged mixture.

“Moreover, it lowers and hoists the DOP450L to and from its dredging position,” Damen said.

During the work, the DOP450L will mine sand at a max dredging depth of 100m. Due to the flexible hoisting system, all dredging areas from -30m to -100m can be serviced.

The sand is mined at various offshore locations, and it is pumped in the 4.000m³ cargo hold. The barge is maneuvered by using a tug.

Dredging instrumentation was also parts of the package; as the sand pump is working at an impressive dredging depth, detailed information on depth, rpm and pressure is vital for safe and efficient mining operations.