Van Oord Wins Bacton to Walcott Coastal Scheme

Van Oord, working as part of Team Van Oord, has signed the contract for the Bacton to Walcott Coastal Management (Sandscaping) Scheme.

Photo courtesy of the North Norfolk DC

The project is awarded by North Norfolk District Council and execution will start in April this year.

The significant project milestones include the decommissioning of existing outfalls and building of a new outfall during May and June; and the placing of approximately 1.8 million cubic meters of sand on the beach off Bacton Gas Terminal, Bacton village and Walcott village in July and August.

For the project, Van Oord will be deploying a large trailing suction hopper dredger and a backhoe dredger.

The project will create significantly bigger beaches, improved beach access and increase protection from the sea for the gas terminal and the villages of Bacton and Walcott. As part of the scheme, Van Oord will provide additional value to the villages through a number of initiatives, such as supporting local charities that have a sustainable impact on the community.

The sand placement will be made up of:

  • Approximately 1 million cubic meters in front of Bacton Gas Terminal
  • Approximately 0.8 million cubic meters in front of the villages of Bacton and Walcott

Estimated scheme costs are between £18 million and £19 million.