New Waterking Amphibious Excavator for Sweden

Waterking BV, a Dutch manufacturer of amphibious equipment, said in its latest announcement that they successfully delivered new Waterking WK 150 NG-A to a new customer in Sweden last week.

The company purchased this excavator to dig trenches over approximately 6 kilometers in the south of Sweden.

When finished, sewer pipes will be placed into the trenches by skilled divers.

The amphibious excavator with adjustable undercarriage is also equipped with additional pontoons and hydraulic driven spud poles.

Not only did we manufacture and sell dredging equipment we also gave advice and provided a training on site. That way our customer is fully prepared and informed right from the start. In this training we show how to assemble the machine on site and how to work with the amphibious excavator,” Waterking said in its release.