Delaware’s Government Rebids Massey’s Ditch Dredging Project

After not receiving an acceptable bid the first time around, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has reissued a request for proposals for the Massey’s Ditch maintenance dredging project, Cape Gazette announced today. 

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DNREC’s Shoreline & Waterway Management Section issued the request for proposals to remove 100,000 cubic yards of sand on April 30, with a Friday, May 31 deadline to submit proposals.

The original request was posted on January 2, 2019. After the deadline to submit passed January 30, the Delaware’s Government announced in early Febuary that the project would be rebid because an acceptable bid was not received.

According to a permit issued in November to the DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship from the DNREC Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section, the material to be dredged – 50,000 cubic yards from Massey’s Ditch and 50,000 cubic yards in the channel near Lynch Thicket and Middle Island – will be placed on the Atlantic Ocean beach north of Indian River Inlet.

DNREC spokesman Michael Globetti said that there have been several changes from the first request to the second, Cape Gazette informs.

The purposes of the project are to maintain safe navigable depths within the high vessel-traffic areas between Rehoboth and Indian River bays, and to provide for beach nourishment along Delaware Seashore State Park.