Damen DOP200 Assists in Kenyan Jetty Construction Project

Image source: Damen

On the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya, a jetty has been built to accommodate vessels such as fuel barges.

The complete project included a 95 m long jetty, an approach road and 237 m long bridge and the embankment. A Damen’s DOP200 submersible dredge pump was used before and after the project to prepare the Lake’s bottom.

The DOP200 was connected to the boom of an excavator, type Caterpillar 330. The unit was placed on a modular pontoon with spuds and the DOP200 was powered using the excavators’ hydraulics.

According to Damen’s project update, the dredging project consisted of dredging almost 65.000m³ of soil from the navigation channel as well as the berthing area along the jetty. The dredging depth after the dredging campaign was at least 4.5 m from High Water Level.

The improved access will boost marine transport in East Africa, notably between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Larger vessels can now be accommodated revitalizing the local economy.

Image source: Damen