Accelerating Climate Initiatives by Van Oord

Image source: Van Oord

Van Oord, an international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects, presented a white paper on Accelerating Climate Initiatives today.

Prior to the launch, Van Oord introduced its sustainability program S.E.A. A platform of Sustainable Earth Actions, to advocate successful solutions for facing global challenges.

In the white paper, the focus is on the acceleration of climate initiatives, highlighting the scale and scope of the climate challenges the world is facing and Van Oord proposes ways of meeting these challenges using adaptation measures.

Van Oord’s market & approach

Historically, coastal works account for a market share of roughly 5% to 10% of total annual dredging market revenue or roughly €500 million to €1 billion per annum (EUDA, 2017).

Rising sea levels in the medium to long term, and extreme wet weather events in the near future, will drive the demand for futureproof infrastructure and coastal and flood protection measures.

Van Oord has contributed to coastal and flood protection measures throughout their more than 150 years of existence.

Accelerating climate initiatives

Climate urgency is calling for increasingly extensive adaption and mitigation measures.

New businesses are being developed by Van Oord, the amount of existing climate related activities are increasing.

Action and joint efforts are still required to mobilize public and private funding to accelerate climate initiatives.

The following five sustainability aspects should be taken into account: financial, institutional, environmental, technological and social aspects, said Van Oord.

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