New Bell’s Amphibious Excavator Busy in Switzerland

Image source: Ball

Bell Dredging, a Dutch company specializing in engineering and manufacturing dredge equipment, expanded its rental fleet recently with an amphibious excavator that can work in shallow water and marshland.

Image source: Ball

The rental amphibious excavator (20 ton class) is equipped with the Bell 150 pump as attachment on which every pump head from the Bell range can be placed.

According to Bell, this makes the device suitable for many types of soil.

The machine is now working on a first project, the deepening of a lake in Switzerland for the construction of a marina. For this, the crane is equipped with some innovative smart features such as a dredging computer and survey software.

According to Bell, an auger head attached to the pump also ensures a high concentration of solids in the pumped mixture and less turbid water, so that strict Swiss regulations are met.

The mixture is pumped to a pontoon based press which gets rid of the water so that the dry material can be disposed of.