CEDA Beneficial Use Papers Presented at IMO London Convention

Representing the World Organisation of Dredging Associations comprising CEDA, WEDA and EADA, Dr. Craig Vogt, Chairman of the WEDA Environment Commission, presented the recently published two CEDA papers on beneficial use of sediments at the currently ongoing  meeting of the IMO London Convention and Protocol.

Dr. Vogt also told about the beneficial use case studies portal and invited the audience to add further case studies to the collection.

The papers, as well as the presentation can be downloaded following the links below:

These papers, prepared by a CEDA Working Group  have been published to inform sediment stakeholders, and practitioners, about the most recent advances in the beneficial use of sediments.

The information paper demonstrates that beneficial use applications exist for clean sediments as well as those contaminated with low-level pollutants. The associated position paper aims to address the perceived challenges by focusing on the risk management, and beneficial use opportunities, when dealing with sediments with various degrees of contamination.

Both papers, and accompanying case studies, cover ongoing international initiatives and programs, and best management practices, in the field, and discuss the value of sediments as a natural resource in the context of sustainable development.

WODA at the London Convention and Protocol

WODA has an official observer status at the IMO London Convention and Protocol.

“In that capacity we participates in LC & LP meetings and relevant working groups and provides independent expert advice to help shape policy development,” CEDA said in its release.

“Our overarching aim is to ensure that any legislation pertaining to dredging and placement activities and maritime construction works is based on the sound technical and scientific knowledge takes account of best practice and is ultimately workable.”

WODA/CEDA have a long history of working within the London Convention and Protocol and on behalf of the WODA membership and as such WODA is a recognized source of unbiased technical information on all aspects of dredging and dredged sediment placement.