Harwich Harbor Deepening Proposed

Image source: Van Oord

Harwich Haven Authority is launching a major development in the Haven ports and has applied to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for consent to increase the depth of the harbor and approach channel from 13m to 16.0m (plus tide), the company announced in a press release.

This dredging project will ensure that Haven ports will continue to be able to handle the increasing numbers of super-sized container vessels in operation and under construction for the future.

Neil Glendinning, Chief Executive Officer, Harwich Haven Authority commented: “The proposal we have put forward to deepen the harbor and channel is vital to ensure the flow of trade into and out of the UK’s largest port facility.”

As the trend to build mega-sized container vessels continues, we need to ensure that we can facilitate the unimpeded arrival and departure of these vessels at the Haven ports,” added Neil Glendinning.

Before granting a licence to improve the access channel to Harwich Harbor the MMO will conduct a public consultation to seek the views of other regulators and stakeholders, which will end in mid-December.


Photo: Image source: Van Oord

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