Port Houston New Strategic Plan Approved

Port Houston’s new strategic plan was approved on January 28 by the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority, setting in motion a roadmap for its continued growth and success.

Image source: Port Houston

Port Houston’s team, led by Executive Director Roger Guenther, presented the 2020 Strategic Plan for approval following many months of work.

In addition to providing guidance for the next five years, the strategic plan helps set the stage for Port Houston’s long-range comprehensive master plan that will look forward to the year 2040. By statute, Port Houston is required to reevaluate long-range and strategic plans every five years.

“It is fitting that the Port Commission is approving a new strategic plan today as the port embarks on its twelfth decade and is seeking to widen and deepen the Houston Ship Channel for the eleventh time in its history,” Port Houston Chairman Ric Campo said.

“I think that we will be sitting here at this time next year, amazed at what we have accomplished on behalf of our region and citizens in Harris County.”

According to their latest release, Port Houston will continue to work collaboratively to create its comprehensive long-range master plan for 2040.

The master plan will be a living document to drive the vision and direction to develop and build the infrastructure needed to ensure the greater Port of Houston remains the strong central pillar of the region’s economic prosperity and jobs for the next generation, they stated.