Whipple Dam State Park Closes for Dredging

Pennsylvania DCNR’s Bureau of State Parks officials announced yesterday that work on the long-awaited dam dredging project at Whipple Dam State Park is set to begin the week of February 18, 2020.

Contractors will be moving in heavy equipment to clear trees from pre-existing sediment basins constructed in the park in the mid-1980s. They then will begin removing approximately 42,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from the lake bed.

”Until further notice, all three pavilions and parking areas on both sides of the lake will be closed for the safety of park visitors and to help facilitate work of the contractor,” said DCNR.

According to their official announcement, the lake – including drawn-down lake bed area – will be closed to all activities for the duration of the project.

Parking along Laurel Run Road, for access to surrounding Rothrock State Forest, will remain open, said DCNR.

Whipple Dam State Park is a Pennsylvania state park on 256 acres in Jackson Township, Huntingdon County.