Dredging of Estero de Tripa de Gallina Wraps Up

The Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has completed a $1 million dredging project along Estero de Tripa de Gallina, considered the longest creek in Metro Manila and one of Manila Bay’s tributaries.

In his report to DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar, DPWH National Capital Region Director Ador G. Canlas said that desilting measure was recently undertaken along the 900-meter section of the creek to ensure continuous flow of water and prevent accumulation of silt that lessens its water carrying capacity.

Director Canlas said that through the project, a total of 34.585 cubic meters of silt were dredged and hauled along the creek from Arnaiz Avenue/Libertad to Buendia, Pasay City.

Complementing the effort are two more dredging projects implemented by the DPWH South Manila District Engineering Office (DEO) along the other portions of Estero de Tripa de Gallina.

“Desilting works along Estero de Tripa de Gallina will not only prevent flooding in the surrounding area, but with the trash and dirty silt being dredged, it will also avoid water contamination in larger bodies of water connected to the creek,” said Director Canlas.

“Estero de Tripa de Gallina flows to Manila Bay through Pasig River hence dredging works are necessary to prevent further pollution as we implement our Manila Bay Rehabilitation programs,” added Director Canlas.

In support to the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), DPWH Bureau of Equipment also undertook desilting operations along the 1.5-kilometer stretch of Manila Bay from the United States embassy to the Manila Yacht Club.


Photo: Image source: Marikina PIO