Van Oord Opts for Marlink VSAT Connectivity in Indian Waters

Van Oord has selected Marlink’s high throughput VSAT for connectivity in Indian territorial waters, through an agreement with India’s licensed Inflight Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) service partner, Nelco Ltd.

Image source: Van Oord

The contract for Marlink’s SeaLink VSAT service was signed after the successful conclusion of a trial in October 2019 onboard the trailing suction hopper dredger Volvox Asia.

The capacity agreement ensures that Van Oord vessels can stay connected to flexible, resilient and high-speed broadband even in areas where previously, regional regulations could prohibit or restrict their ability to stay connected via satellite.

It also means that customer vessels can remain in compliance with reporting requirements of national and international regulations.

Van Oord has been a Marlink customer for more than 15 years and this new agreement extends our ability to stay connected and in compliance within Indian waters. Marlink’s VSAT connectivity enables us to work smarter and safely while in a highly regulated area, so we can continue to monitor asset health and performance, comply with regulatory reporting and keep crew connected,” said a Van Oord spokesperson.

Satellite communications are subject to license restrictions when operating in Indian waters, meaning that VSAT must be turned off, unless using a licenced service provider.