Van Oord Takes Part in Hansweert Dyke Reinforcement Project

The Scheldestromen Water Board and the Van Oord – KWS consortium today signed the contract for the Hansweert dyke reinforcement project in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

Image source: Van Oord

The consortium, together with the Scheldestromen Water Board and Witteveen + Bos engineering and consultancy firm, will form the construction team that will prepare and carry out the dyke reinforcement.

The dyke will need to be reinforced over a length of more than 5 kilometers to meet the current safety standard.

The Hansweert dyke reinforcement is a complex project. Part of the dyke lies along inhabited areas. The dyke also borders on a Natura 2000 area.

According to Van Oord, the project comprises two phases: Phase 1 involves the construction team phase, with the client and the contractor jointly determining the design and the method of execution and formulating the price and the contract. The intention is to contract the contractor of the construction team phase also for phase 2, the implementation phase.

The project execution will start in 2022 and the completion is expected in 2024.