EPA Kicks Off Donna Canal Cleanup Project

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun removal of PCB contaminated sediment at the Donna Canal and Reservoir Superfund (DCRS) site in Donna, Hidalgo Co., Texas.

Image source: EPA

According to EPA, this Remedial Action will include bank restoration, sediment excavation and disposal.

Under the plan, the total amount of sediment to be excavated is 20,000 cubic yards.

The overall area includes 4,500 linear feet of the canal and is defined by the portion of the underground siphon starting North of the Arroyo Colorado River to the Lower West Main Canal.

The remedy calls for removing contaminated sediment and fish and building new infrastructure at the source of the contamination, among other measures.

These actions will address risks to people’s health associated with eating fish from the reservoir and canal system.