Charleston Dredging Operations PHOTO

Dredging operations are still underway in Charleston Harbor, ensuring the harbor is maintained for transporting goods in and out of the South Carolina Ports Authority.

By 2021, Charleston will have the deepest harbor on the East Coast at 52 feet. This will ensure large container ships can access SCPA terminals at any time, regardless of the tides.

Deepening of the entrance channel to 52 feet is underway, and deepening of the lower harbor up to Wando Welch Terminal started in late 2019 with the awarding of the third contract.

The first two contracts for the entrance channel deepening were awarded to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company back in 2017. The construction started in the Charleston Harbor Entrance Channel in March 2018 and the entire project will take 40-76 months depending on full-funding.

Future project work involves deepening the Cooper River to 52 feet up to the Leatherman terminal.

Now, the $550 million Charleston Harbor Deepening Project is fully funded after receiving $350 million from the S.C. Legislature, $108 million from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and $138 million set aside in President Donald Trump’s budget.


Photo: Image source: USACE