Cleaning Holding Pond in Pennsylvania by Mud Cat

Image source: Mud Cat Dredges

Mud Cat Dredges has just released this beautiful photo of their new Mud Cat MC 40E electric radio remote control dredge system, taken during the cleanup works on a holding pond at a job site in Pennsylvania.

Mud Cat was able to provide the dredge immediately from inventory and send a field service technician to the jobsite within a week of shipment from the factory.

This Mud Cat product line allows for remote control of the dredging operation via a portable hand-held transmitter called Radio Remote Senseā„¢ (RMS).

RMS controls the following functions: power on/off, travel direction and speed, slurry pump on/off and speed (if equipped with VFD), auger on/off and dredging depth.

The hand-held transmitter may be operated up to 1,000 feet from the dredging unit.


Photo: Image source: Mud Cat Dredges