New Timber Deck for J.E. McAmis’ Ellis Island

Image source: J.E. McAmis

J.E. McAmis said in its latest announcement that their crews in Longview, WA yard are putting a new timber deck on the ABS Deck Barge – Ellis Island.

The Ellis Island (250′ x 76′) will be put into service at the Mouth of the Columbia River to provide critical infrastructure at the South Jetty for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

About $21B worth of product is shipped through the Mouth of the Columbia River annually and J.E. McAmis’ work on the north and south jetties is critical to keeping the waterway passable for ships.

The north jetty (2.5 miles) is on the Washington side, the south jetty (6.6 miles) on the Oregon side, and “Jetty A” (0.9 miles long) is just inland on the Washington side.

These structures not only help maintain the depth and orientation of the navigation channel, they protect ships of all sizes entering and leaving the estuary, ensuring safe passage for commercial and recreational mariners.

Photo: Image source: J.E. McAmis