Dredge Ellis Island kicks off FIMP beach nourishment

The the Town of East Hampton said that the 480-foot-long dredge Ellis Island is in the area and the beach nourishment portion of the Fire Island To Montauk Point project (FIMP) is officially underway.

Town of East Hampton photo

The FIMP is designed to manage the risk of coastal storm damage along Long Island’s Atlantic Coast in a way that balances risks to human life and property, while maintaining, enhancing, and restoring ecosystem integrity and coastal biodiversity.

Included in the beach feeder, or beach nourishment project, will be reconstruction of the pedestrian walkways and two vehicular access.

Beach fencing and beach grass will be planted on the new wider beach.

The beach will remain open with temporary closures as the project moves west to east, according to the official announcement.

The project must be finalized by May 1 and all equipment and structures be removed from the beach no later than May 21, 2024,” said the Town.