USACE: Multiple dredging contracts awarded

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, recently awarded contracts for maintenance dredging of the Detroit River, Saginaw River and St. Clair River, all in Michigan.

Image source: Ryba Marine

The contracts were separately awarded to Morrish-Wallace Construction Inc., of Cheboygan, Michigan, (d.b.a.) Ryba Marine Construction.

These dredging projects help maintain the Great Lakes navigational channel to keep cargo moving – products like iron ore, limestone, coal and cement.

Detroit River

The maintenance dredging contract to remove 232,000 cubic yards from the Detroit River was awarded for almost $1.3 million. The project (contract award number W911XK20C0006) consists of routine maintenance dredging of sand, silt and organic material from the Detroit River federal navigation channel.

The potential dredging area includes the East Outer Channel and the Lower Livingston Channel. Placement of dredge materials will be within the Pointe Mouillee Confined Disposal Facility in western Lake Erie in Michigan. The work began in June and is scheduled to wrap up by October. 

St. Clair River

The St. Clair River, between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair in Michigan, maintenance dredging project was awarded for about $640,500 to dredge 15,300 cubic yards of material.

The project (contract award number W911XK20C0009) will place material at Dickenson Island Confined Disposal Facility. Dredging will take place at various locations throughout the federal channel. It is scheduled to start around August 15 and complete around August 30.

Saginaw River

The maintenance dredging project (contract number W911XK20C0008) was awarded for almost $1.2 million. The contractor will dredge approximately 184,800 cubic yards of sand, silt and organic material from the Saginaw River federal channel.

Placement of dredge material will be at Saginaw Bay Confined Disposal Facility. Also occurring is the placement of stone at the Upper Saginaw Dredge Material Disposal Facility. The maintenance dredging in the Saginaw River is expected to begin August 30 or when St. Clair River dredging is complete and is scheduled to be completed by October 15.