Phase one of Peel Marina dredging nears completion

Land and Water Services has just released the latest update on their dredging project at Peel Marina, located in the town of Peel, Isle of Man.

Land and Water

“We are extremely proud to share that our dedicated project team is approaching completion of phase one of the project. This project will safeguard the viability of Peel Marina by removing 32,000m3 of silt from the site and restoring water levels to the correct depth,” said the company.

Peel Marina is fed by a river system and has been silted up over several years.

“In collaboration with local company Paul Carey and Sons, we are dredging materials from Peel Marina using our specialist road transportable pontoon, mounted with a long reach excavator. This material will be transported from Peel Marina to the lagoon by LAWS bespoke silt trailers, where it will be tipped and stacked by a long reach excavator,” according to Land and Water.

“When this project reaches completion in 2021/22, we will remove and dispose of the lagoon’s liner, returning the field to its original state.”