Van Oord testing the use of biofuel

Following the biofuel pilot last year, Van Oord’s trailing suction hopper dredger HAM 316 has again successfully executed two projects, while running on biofuel.

This time the vessel was deployed in the United Kingdom.

First on the Lincolnshire Beach Management works, which we executed for the Environment Agency.

Van Oord client, Peel Ports also endorsed the company’s goals in developing and delivering sustainable solutions for dredging activities.

Therefore the second project, the maintenance of the scenic Clyde river, followed quickly.

The test results show that the use of biofuel reduces CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared with conventional marine fuel.

Together with Shell, Van Oord is testing the use of biofuel on its fleet.

This test fits in with the ambitions of both parties to reduce the CO2 emissions in the maritime industry.

Photo: Van Oord