Terramare preparing Järviluoto settling basin

Construction works are underway to prepare the Järviluoto settling basin for the contaminated dredged soil, informs the Port of Rauma, Finland.

In the spring of 2020, the port received a permit to relocate contaminated soil into the southwest corner of Järviluoto.

The Järviluoto island site was originally built for the fairway dredging project in 2016–2017.

During this dredging project, the site served as a settling basin to drain away water from the dredging material.

“The total volume of the basin is approx. 100,000 m3,” said Technical Director, Timo Metsäkallas from Port of Rauma.

According to him, Terramare Oy is carriying out the preparatory works.

This includes the formation of an internal slope, installation of a filter fabric and construction of a one-metre thick moraine layer.

“The main objective is to ensure a tight structure to prevent harmful substances from entering the sea,” added Mr. Metsäkallas.

The deadline for completion of the Järviluoto settling basin is late September.

Photo: Port of Rauma