Investments continue in Bunbury’s waterfront

The Government of Western Australia has allocated $78.1 million in additional funding to continue transformation of Bunbury’s waterfront.

Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront – Stage Three will focus on the delivery of critical infrastructure that will provide foundations for long-term growth. The new funding will build on the considerable work already undertaken in Stages 1 and 2 of the project.

A key area of concentration will be the construction of new breakwaters at Casuarina Boat Harbour and Koombana Bay to support further land and marine infrastructure development.

The new breakwater will provide public recreation facilities including a promenade, fishing jetty and swimming platform with universal access.

Stage Three of the project is subject to environmental approvals, with the release of funds subject to a business case.

Stage One resulted in the revitalisation of the Koombana Foreshore and the redevelopment of the Dolphin Discovery Centre. Through Stage Two, the Jetty Road causeway will get upgrades and Casuarina Drive will be redeveloped.

Photo: Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront