JDN: Paving the way to Hamburg

In the latest edition of the FOCUS magazine, Jan De Nul Group reported an interesting story about the Elbe River dredging project named “Paving the way to Hamburg”.

Jan De Nul Group

At one time, the company had 4 hoppers, 2 split hoppers and 1 backhoe dredger working on the project.

JDN spared no effort to make the port of Hamburg accessible to the largest container vessels in the world.

The company is deepening and widening the access channel to the port, while also strengthening the city in its fight against floods.

In order to protect the city against flooding, JDN deposited the dredged material within a purpose-built underwater bund.

“We came up with an innovative solution for this. Our larger hopper Pedro Álvares Cabral dredges the river Elb in Hamburg. Then, the vessel sails downstream, and pumps the sediments into the smaller hopper Tristão da Cunha which offloads them in the shallow areas,” the company stated.

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