Johnston Civil completes Heathcote River dredging

Johnston Civil Ltd. of Lakeside, Canterbury New Zealand, has announced the successful completion of the Heathcote River dredging works.

According to the company, this huge job spanned over 3 stages from 2018-2020. Johnston completed the works using their amphibious excavator, a barge and a long reach excavator on the bank.

Over the course of the project the company removed approximately 70,000 tonnes of silt from the river.

The aim of the works was to restore capacity lost after the earthquakes and through ongoing silt deposits.

By restoring the capacity of the channel, the risk of properties and streets flooding during heavy rainfall is now at minimum, the local officials said.

The Heathcote River dredging project helped reduce the severity of flood events by deepening and widening of the river channel.

Photo: Johnston Civil Ltd