Managing erosion at Katiki Beach

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has awarded a $3 million contract for work to manage coastal erosion. The project will take place at State Highway 1, alongside Katiki Beach, North Otago.

The contract has been awarded to Downer NZ.

The beach is located north of Palmerston and Shag Point, south of Moeraki and Hampden.

Additionally, around 7km of highway in this area is located between the main trunk rail line and the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, coastal erosion is occurring along the length of Katiki Beach, says Waka Kotahi Senior Project Manager, Jason Forbes.

“Erosion protection structures were constructed in the 1970s where the highway was threatened with erosion then,” he said. “The highway’s proximity to the railway line makes realigning the road a very expensive option, with rock armoring of the beach a more viable alternative.

“The contract will enable the coastal erosion protection work completed in 2017 to continue. This will involve rock armoring sites between the intersections of SH1/ Shag Point Road and 300m south of the SH1/ Squire Road intersection.”

In fact, rock armoring involves placing rocks to stop the sand being taken away and protecting the highway from erosion.