VIDEO: Dredging in the Port of Gothenburg

Gothenburg City Council passed a resolution recently to grant more than 1,2 billion kronor (€120,000,000) to finance the Skandia Gateway project, which is aimed at deepening the fairway leading into the Port of Gothenburg.

Port of Gothenburg

The sum was matched by the Swedish Transport Administration as part of the national infrastructure plan, and as a result the project is fully funded. 

Port of Gothenburg yesterday released this beautiful video about the importance of dredging work in the port’s areas.

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View on Youtube.

According to previous estimates, the cost of deepening the fairway to accommodate ships with a draught of 16.5 meters would be around 4 billion kronor.

More detailed calculations now reveal the cost to be around 2.5 billion kronor and achieving a draught of 17.5 meters.

The difference can be attributed to the application of more modern construction solutions that emerged during the early stages of the project, coupled with meticulous fairway design optimization.

Deepening the fairway will also be beneficial from a socioeconomic point of view.

According to Swedish Transport Administration estimates, each krona invested will produce four kronor in return, with a payback period of just 15 years.