Boost for Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem project

Port of Baltimore will receive a significant funding in the Army Corps FY21 Work Plan to complete preconstruction engineering and design on the Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem Restoration Project and other important dredging projects.

“We look forward to working with our partners in the Baltimore District to advance this project, which is critical to the Port of Baltimore and to the ecosystems in the Chesapeake Bay,” said the Port in their latest announcement.

The Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem Restoration project, often referred to as Mid-Bay Island, is located on the islands of James and Barren in western Dorchester County, Maryland.

The project is focused on restoring/expanding island habitat to provide hundreds of acres of wetland and terrestrial habitat for fish, shellfish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals through the beneficial use of dredged material. 

This will provide direct benefits of improved health, richness, and sustainability to aquatic and wildlife species.

In addition, it will provide indirect benefits of navigational safety, education, and passive recreation and perhaps, increased tourism.

The conceptual plan for the feasibility study proposes 55 percent wetland and 45 percent upland habitats.

Photo: Port of Baltimore