Colonna’s Shipyard Drydock #3 plan on the table

Colonna’s Shipyard is proposing to relocate Drydock #3, located in Spotico Creek, a tributary to the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, at 400 East Indian River Road in Norfolk, Virginia.

Colonna's Shipyard

The project consists of dredging a 545-foot by 155-foot (80,325 sf) basin to achieve maximum depths of -48 feet MLW and a 230-foot by 260-foot (59,800 sf) access channel to achieve maximum depths of -28 feet MLW to accommodate the relocation. 

The total initial volume of dredged material to be removed is approximately 365,000 cubic yards. 

The total dredge footprint is approximately 8.83 acres. 

Dredged materials will be placed at the Craney Island Dredged Materials Management Area (CIDMMA) Rehandling Basin for the initial dredging cycle. 

The area will require maintenance dredging with approximately 50,000 cubic yards of material to be removed from these spots every 5 years. 

The disposal area for future dredge cycles has not been determined. If CIDMMA is proposed for use with future dredging cycles, those materials will be evaluated for suitability by CIDMMA staff. 

The project also includes construction of a 140-foot long ramp for access to the facility, installation of a 100-foot by 27-foot mooring dolphin and construction of a 260-foot by 27-foot concrete deck to anchor the drydock. 

In addition, the applicant proposes to install 345 linear feet of bulkhead, with return walls, where the concrete pier makes landfall to stabilize the shoreline.