Lydd Ranges scheme set for April

The Environment Agency will this April begin works on the Lydd Ranges sea defence scheme.

The plan is to improve the existing frontage and to maintain the sea defence along the existing alignment.

Once completed it will help better protect this environmentally important area and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Lydd firing range from ongoing storm damage and coastal erosion for 25 years.

At Lydd Ranges, the existing shingle beach is being strengthened by: building timber groynes, recharging the rapidly eroding beach, and stabilising the Green Wall trackway in front of the ranges.

The Lydd Ranges sea defence scheme will cost in the amount of £40 million.

Planning permission was granted in December 2020 which will enable work to start in April 2021.

This will comprise:

  • installation of a 1.8 kilometre groyne field east of Jury’s Gap and recharging of this section of beach with shingle;
  • a further 5.6 kilometres of frontage will be left open to coastal processes, although some shingle re-profiling may be required;
  • improvement of the existing track (the Green Wall) and relocation of an existing outfall at Denge, inland;
  • periodic shingle recharge at the groyne field once the scheme is complete, as well as occasional work to repair any storm damage.

Photo: Mackley