Final phase of Peak Forest Canal dredging underway

Land and Water crews have just started the final phase of works at the Peak Forest Canal in Manchester on behalf of the Canal and River Trust. 

Land and Water

Over the past six months, Land and Water has been carrying out dredging works to the canal in order to improve the waterway’s efficiency for boaters.

Land and Water photo

The Peak Forest Canal is one of seven canals managed under the Manchester and Pennine Waterway.

If these waterways are not dredged, eventually they will silt up. If this happened, barges and other boats wouldn’t be able to move freely. 

The dredging work is also important as it helps maintain the quality of the water and in turn prevent and lessen damage to the flora and fauna.

The dredging activity involves scooping up the sediment from the bottom of the canal and getting rid of it in an environmentally friendly way.