Phase 1 begins on University Lakes Project

Field work associated with the implementation of the University Lakes Project officially started this week, Louisiana State University informs.

Consultants will conduct due diligence in and around the lakes as Phase 1 of the project gets underway.

Phase 1 begins with:

  • bathymetric and stump identification surveys, geotechnical borings and sediment sampling;
  • continues with a more detailed design of recommendations from the 2016 master plan;
  • concludes with construction to deepen and reshape four of the six lakes (City Park Lake, Eerie Lake, Campus Lake and College Lake) and construction of new paths and lighting around City Park Lake.

C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates L.L.C. will perform bathymetric and stump identification surveys of all six lakes (i.e., the four aforementioned plus University Lake and Crest Lake) using a remote sensing technology and manned survey crews.

In April, GeoEngineers will work from airboats, collecting geotechnical borings and conducting sediment sampling. This data will provide the consultant team with a better understanding of the make-up of the material at the bottom of the lakes.

The project design teams, led by Sasaki and Stantec, will use this information to guide designs to deepen the lakes to improve water quality and their capacity to reduce flooding.

The information will also be used to guide plans for enhancing the lakes for the benefit of the community by creating new greenspace, habitats, pathways and surrounding amenities.

The design process will include many opportunities for community and stakeholder involvement, including open house meetings, on-site interactive installations, and online tools. 

The University Lakes Project is being implemented by University Lakes LLC, which was established by the LSU Real Estate and Facilities Foundation, an affiliate of the LSU Foundation. Phase 1 is being funded by LSU, the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge, the State of Louisiana and BREC.