JDN introduces the first physical-chemical soil remediation installation

A physical-chemical cleaning installation has just arrived in the Liège soil valorisation centre of Envisan, environmental subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group.

Jan De Nul Group

This remediation installation arrived by ship at the Ile Monsin port area, where Envisan holds a concession on a 3.5 hectare site.

Thanks to this new investment, the Walloon market will now be able to rely on a circular solution for contaminated soils. Due to a physical-chemical cleaning process, contaminated soils and dewatered dredged sediments can be recycled into secondary construction materials.

Liège centre for a large target market

Envisan has been operating this site for the processing and valorisation of soils and sediments since 2016 in the heart of Liège. Both lightly to heavily polluted soils are processed and cleaned with different types of pollutants.

With a capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year, the centre focuses on civil and environmental projects within Jan De Nul Group, on companies from the construction sector located near Liège, and on industry beyond provincial and national borders. Also neighbouring countries, Luxembourg and France, are part of the target group thanks to the trimodal accessibility of Liège.

Circular solutions for a better planet

Envisan operates a geographically dispersed network of soil and sediment treatment centres in Belgium and France. The centres offer circular total solutions for the construction and infrastructure market. Contaminated soils and sediments are processed, cleaned and subsequently reintroduced into the market as secondary raw materials for new projects. 100% circular.