Get ready for the Coastal Dynamics Conference

Based on the philosophy of the book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure, IADC and CEDA will later this month present a one-day course as part of the Coastal Dynamics Conference short courses programme.

The virtual course is taking place on Monday, June 28th with emphasis placed on coastal management, climate and coastal change, engineering and nature-based solutions.

According to IADC, Delft University of Technology and the Dutch community for coastal research present the 2021 edition of the Coastal Dynamics Conference from 28 June–2 July. Scientists and practitioners from all over the world are invited to contribute their insights and research results of how nature and humans are shaping the coasts, now and in the future.

The course Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure is targeted at those who are interested in sustainable infrastructure development. Many coastal infrastructure projects such as beach replenishment, habitat restoration projects and port developments rely on dredging as a key part of the construction methodology (and for the maintenance of the infrastructure). Specific insights into dredging aspects will be provided as part of the content of the course.

The lecturers of the course are Erik van Eekelen (Van Oord), Mark Lee (HR Wallingford) and Thomas Vijverberg (Boskalis).

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Photo: Boskalis