Dromec equipment for Van Oord’s hybrid WID Maas

In close cooperation with Kooiman Marine Group and Van Oord, Dromec has developed, built and supplied 2x Active Heave Compensated 30 mT winches for Van Oords new hybrid water-injection dredger Maas.


Besides winches, Dromec also supplied the AHC controls, software and integration to the Van Oord HMI system (VOCAM). The winch system is an important part of the innovative hybrid energy management system that reduces harmfull CO2 emissions and meet the IMO TIER III regulations.

During dredging, the winch system feeds back re-generated energy into the ship’s powergrid where it is used for propelling the diesel-electric engines.

Compensating ship movements caused by waves is realized by Dromec’s software platform in combination with a high speed winch control system. During dredging operations data as position, speed and torque are monitored & guarded by the winch controls.

The AHC system enhances the positioning of waterjets that results in more precise and higher efficient pre-programmed dredging operations.

Dromec recently commissioned the complete set to make sure Maas was ready for her first dredging job on river Thames in London (UK).

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