DEME’s Marc Huygens: There is “more” in maritime infrastructure

With an ever increasing focus on sustainability, the recently established Sustainability Committee (2020) defined a sustainability framework, giving direction for both present and future activities.


With the publication of the book “Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure”, and more recently the report Financing of Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure: A joint study to explore financing of green coastal, river and port projects, this has become even more of a spearhead for IADC.

At IADC’s 2nd digital Annual General Meeting, held on 16 September 2021, 4 members of the Sustainability Committee and the Secretary General gave presentations highlighting a number of their activities.

The focus here has been on developing tools and methodologies that will help IADC and its members to promote even further, and to a wider audience, the “know-how” and the commitment that the industry has to ensuring dredging projects are executed in the most sustainable way possible.

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