The first ever international dredging contract for KMEW

Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Limited (KMEW) has won their first ever international contract for dredging works in Myanmar.

According to an official announcement, this project will include “dredging and providing maintenance on access channel and port basin at Sittwe Port, Myanmar and Kaladan River for shipping and navigation in KMTTP, Myanmar’.

The value of the contract is aggregated to Rs. 139 crores ($18.7 million), which is to be executed within a period of two years and seven months. Also, the project may be extended for further two years at the additional costs.

The said contract is awarded jointly to Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Limited, Lead Partner and Sahara Dredging Limited.

KMEW recently acquired vessel River Pearl 8 (ex – TSHD Cauvery) and they will deploy it – together with other dredgers and ancillary crafts – at Sittwe Port for the execution of the dredging project.

Photo: KMEW