Dredging pump BELL150 at Brest Naval Base (PHOTO)

Bell Dredging Pumps BV, trough their French dealer PAJOT Solutions de battage, recently rented a BELL150 equipped with a cutterhead to customer in Brest.

Easy to mount to almost all types of excavators, this multi-functional dredge pump can be equipped with various suction heads for dredging different types of material.

The available options include BELL150 equipped with a auger head, cutter head, double cutter head, flat barge head or sand production head.

In this latest case the pump was mounted on and fed by a Doosan DX 300 LC-5 excavator with 20m long reach boom.

According to Bell, this six week long project at the Brest Naval Base consisted of dredging sandy sediments present on a rockfill embankment on the underside of a quay, between 8 and 18m under the excavator’s tracks.

The company also added that a 2.3m extension and an additional 1.3m extension were custom made to maximize the excavator’s range of action.

Photo: Bell Dredging