Creating New HORIZONS magazine – Issue Nº8

Earlier this week, Boskalis published a brand new edition of its ‘Creating New HORIZONS’ magazine which offers fresh perspectives from experts and showcases projects and approaches that stretch operational and technological boundaries.


In this new edition Boskalis presented one of the largest and most intense salvage operations in modern history – refloating of the Ever Given. In cooperation with the Suez Canal Authority and with help from a spring tide, a large number of the company specialists were able free the giant ship and unblock the canal.

Since the previous edition of the magazine, the world has continued to face various restrictions due to the pandemic. For a global maritime company with crews and project personnel working in shift patterns, this presents numerous operational challenges. Members of Boskalis’ Travel Emergency Team explain how they tackle these issues.

Despite the COVID constraints many interesting new developments and projects are taking place across the company, including projects that address some of the world’s major challenges for a sustainable future.

A striking example is the construction of floating wind farms in offshore locations where the water is too deep for traditional fixed foundation turbines. Boskalis recently installed the world’s largest floating wind farm off the coast of Scotland.

Another promising innovation is the use of artificial reefs as part of coastal protection solutions. With Boskalis Artificial Reefs Program the company is testing various types of artificial reefs in Europe, Africa and Central America.

The magazine also offers articles and beautiful videos on some of the groundbreaking projects, including the installation of segments of the world’s longest suspension bridge, the float-over installation of a platform topside with surgical precision, the decommissioning of offshore platforms in the North Sea and the construction of a large sand causeway in Bahrain.