Dredging and Climate Change

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) recently shared an interesting article about the climate change and the role of science in achieving a sustainable future.

According to IADC, climate change threats including storms, rising sea levels and flooding have stimulated the dredging industry to find new sustainable solutions.

The dredging industry and those who supply ships and engines to the industry have been actively seeking new technologies to meet the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization standards.

The industry has been pursuing wide variety of sustainable solutions to climate change. To facilitate the implementation of these solutions, the industry bears a responsibility to engage nearby communities to understand the long-term benefits of dredging projects.

Building with Nature (Ecoshape), Working with Nature (PIANC) or Engineering with Nature (US Army Corps) are all systems which utilise the dynamics of nature and ecosystems as the jumping off point to design a dredging project.

These are targeted tools for sustainable solutions that take into account climate change issues from the start.

For more information about Dredging Industry and the Climate Change, please visit IADC’s Knowledge Centre.

Photo: Boskalis