$1.2 billion secured for the Upper Mississippi River projects

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District will receive $1.2 billion in FY22 through Infrastructure Funding Law to carry out projects and programs in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, informs USACE.

According to Col. Jesse Curry, commander of the Corps, Rock Island District, this represents funding that vastly outnumbers figures the District’s annual budget has ever seen.

Rock Island District is set to receive two priority construction new starts, one through the Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) and new start funding for the Brandon Road Interbasin Project.

“NESP has been authorized for more than a decade, awaiting construction funding to bring about this critical, multi-billion dollar program,” said Kim Thomas, Deputy for Programs and Project Management for the Rock Island District. “Our regional team has fully utilized several years of preconstruction, engineering and design (PED) funds to develop construction ready projects and now will be able to start delivering on the significant navigation improvements.”

In addition to the new start construction funding, the District will also receive nearly $170 million to carry-on critical operations and maintenance work through their area of responsibility.

The spend plan supports the Administration hitting the ground running by focusing on current Fiscal Year 2022 spending. Future announcements will provide spend plans for subsequent years. Each spend plan will be in continued support of Administration goals of expanded access to America’s ports through dredging, as well as building resilience in the face of global climate change, while benefitting economically disadvantaged communities and regions, and advancing environmental justice.

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Photo: USACE