Another big coastal restoration project on the way in Louisiana

GeoEngineers Inc. team from Baton Rouge is gearing up for another big coastal restoration project with Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA).


This time, CPRA is planning to restore the Chandeleur Islands, a critical string of barrier islands protecting New Orleans’ east side from storm surges and hurricanes.

Since the 19th century, much of these islands’ material has been washed away by storms and other factors. Phase 1 of CPRA’s Chandeleur Island Restoration Project, now in pre-construction, will begin to address these issues.

A project team led by long-time GeoEngineers partner Coastal Engineering Consultants (CEC) will reinforce about 13 miles of coastline with dredged material and rebuild marsh habitat with a special focus on birds.

Once complete, the Chandeleur Islands Restoration Project will significantly improve storm surge protection for New Orleans, restore marsh habitat for vulnerable bird species—and add another marquee coastal restoration project to GeoEngineers’ rapidly growing portfolio.

To learn more about this important coastal project, please click HERE.