Damen RIVERBUSTER 1909 introduced

Damen has just introduced a brand-new vessel concept for inland and coastal operations: the Damen RIVERBUSTER 1909.


According to Damen, this is a versatile, strong and future-proof pusher vessel, available in several configurations to accommodate a variety of jobs, from towing, pushing and marine construction, to plough dredging, dive-support and survey work.

Damen photo

Key specs:

  • low draft (1.75m) and airdraft (4.20m) to overcome present navigational challenges,
  • INLAND and optionally COASTAL classed,
  • EU STAGE V + IMO TIER III certified,
  • optimized for operation with minimal crew,
  • 2 to 3 cabins,
  • 1000 to 2000 bhp options with diesel-direct or diesel-electric thrusters,
  • full-electric prepared through the use of swappable battery containers,
  • triple push bow.

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